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doing what she had been brought up to do—to be brave enough to be humble. She flew to her mirror and daubbed at her eyes; they looked rather puckery. Then she flirted her powder puff around her nose, that looked decidedly shiny. “Wish I had put on my red dress,” she told her reflection in the glass, “but there’s no time now. If I run along with Rosa, surely Uncle Frederic won’t scold her.” On t

he broad stair landing, where the big brass lanterns and the lovely soft palms opened the way into the living room, she found the surprised Rosa. “Why, Nancy!

” she exclaimed. “I thought—” 107 “But I don’t care for that book,” said Nancy evasively. “Where are you going?” “Horrid old Margot—” “Hush!

Let’s make believe we’re—where’s Dell? I thought she was here.” “Gone. She was here. Dad said I couldn’t go out. They’re going to the park—” Rosa’s

voice was full of rancor. “Can’t we go out in the cove in your flat-bottom boat? I love to row, and it’s safe in the cove, isn’t it?” asked Nancy, glad t

o think of a reasonable plan. “Too safe. Like swimming doll ducks in the bath tub. But we’ll go. I’ll ask dad. He—has—summoned me—” Just then, down t

he long hall strode the gentleman in question. He was waving a paper at Nancy. “A letter for you, Antoinette,” he announced gaily. “A steamer letter from yo


ur mother—” “Oh, goody!” exclaimed Nancy happily. “Come on, Rosa. Let’s read it.” “But dad wan

ts to see me—” 108 “Oh, never mind, Boots,” he replied, just giving the willful one a playful shake. “Give dad a kiss and promise—promise to be good.” Whereat Rosa actually sprang upon the foot with the injured ankle,

hugging her father so impulsively that Nancy instantly decided she was just like Ted. Is there anything lovelier than the calm after the storm? Arm in arm Rosa and Nancy sauntered off, their happy laughter ringing through old Fernlode, their voices blending in genuine affection until reaching the water’s edge, Rosa showed Nancy how she “megaphoned” down the


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lake to No Man’s Land, a little island, desolate and alone. Nancy did the phoning by cupping her hands and shouting in the weird way that always p

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rovokes an echo. “Ted was such a funny little fellow when he was very small,” Nancy told her cousin. “He used to say he loved to go under brid


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ges, where he could hear his voice after he was finished with it.” “Finished wi

or, according to

th it?” queried Rosa. 109 “Yes; that’s the way he used to describe an echo.”

her own story,

“Oh, how funny!” yelled Rosa. “Let’s give a couple of echoes for Ted.” Th

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